Plan Guide:
The website Maintenance plan represents all basic websites that do not buy or sell either product or service directly from their website, and other websites that do sales of either product or service are considered e-commerce, except for advanced website types like property listing, resorts, etc that may need a custom plan.   

Work Circle:
Any Feature skipped for the month purchased, won’t be carried over to the next month.   

Maintenance privacy:
While we maintain and manage your website, and you wish to make changes to any part of it yourself, we suggest you let us know before you proceed, this is to foster core security, as unknown plugging or changes will be discarded as soon as detected.

Refund Policy:
After 24Hrs there is no refund of payment since it will be assumed maintenance has begun.

Please Note:
There are several more extra minor features, designs, and fixes that we may be including for free while maintaining your platform, Not all features will be tabulated afterward.

If there are any parts of these terms you don’t understand, contact us by clicking this CONTACT Before you proceed with purchasing your maintenance plan.

E-commerce Store Management




This is ideal for a Dynamic Store website. Include 24/7 Client Support, Maintenance, and Management such as weekly security checks, Bug fix, & plugin updates. You can choose extra features below, All plans are billed monthly.
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Website Maintenance Plan




This is ideal for a Static Website. Include 24/7 Client support, Maintenance, and Management such as weekly security checks, Bug fixes & plugin updates. You can choose extra features below, All plans are billed monthly.
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30 Simple Or Variable Product Upload



Wish to let us handle your product uploads and inventories, this plan serves well with 30 monthly product uploads, we will be able to handle the hassles of variable setups and dynamic content types. All plans are billed monthly.
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One Page Design concept



If you need to add a new extra website landing page, service page, or any other custom page, this plan will work fine. Please bear in mind this does not include advance forms. All plans are billed monthly.
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Store Management Mobile App Dev.



The Store app will make it easier for you to Manage your store right from your Smartphone. You will be able to upload products, edit existing products, access sales notifications & analytics, fulfill orders, and many more.
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Abandoned Cart Recovery Funnel



Your store will now be able to automatically recover client who didn’t finish their purchase in the checkout process. This Funnel also comes with a free website subscription one one-time email marketing. All plans are billed monthly.
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Website Live Chat Integration



If you wish to have a direct Live chat integrated into your website so that clients who don’t want to share detailed contact before inquiries can reach you easily without hassle, this will work for you. All plans are billed monthly.
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Google My Business Integration



If you need your website to be properly listed in Google search and also correctly integrated with your website data for quicker search access, make it easy for people to find your website alongside your Google business details.
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Custom Link Tree Page or Bubble



Everything you want in just one place. Make it easier for visitors to find all the important links just one place. Your business custom links will be built right inside your website as either a popup or a dedicated page.
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Dynamic Cart & Modern Checkout



You want a more advanced cart and checkout that makes it even easier for your customers to purchase even more products, with a very simplified and friendly user interface, this plan will help you achieve that. All plans are billed Monthly.
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Advanced custom Form



If you are looking to get an advanced form with custom fields for your website, to collect more data from your visitors in very easy ways, this plan will set that up fo you and get it running on its designated page.
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Website Revamp


If you wish to Modify your website to look better than what it currently is, with a modern feel and advanced functions without spending too much rebuilding from scratch, this plan will do just that for you, use the contact details below.

Blog Page – Custom Design



If you need a well-optimized Blog listing Page and single post page to share your idea and drive more traffic to your website, this plan will help. We will craft an organized blog for you with a video guide on how to publish your post yourself.
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Brand Terms & Conditions Page



To avoid getting slammed by legal issues, you will need to have a series of guides tailored to your brand. We will make a custom terms page & take care of your copywriting while you do the final review. see the example here Terms Page
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PayStack Business Account Setup



We will create a complete Paystack Business account so you can receive money for products & services right on your website. This plan is only for Nigerian Business owners and for Paypal or Stripe business accounts Please CONTACT US
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Store Promotion Banner Design & Coupon



We will make you a defeating design plus a coupon code for product sales for Christmas, New Year, Product Launch, Anniversary, and Easter promotional discounts. Customers will see the sales in an amazing visual. See sample HERE
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